About me


It is really great to have you visiting my blog! I am Nawaid M. Sabri; 36, male. I have done my Masters in Information Technology from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a banker and heading the Central Clearing Department of a bank from last couple of years. I like writing my thoughts, reading books and playing some snooker in my free timings. On weekends I prefer to spend time with my family at home or wherever they like.


I am strong at difficult situations, responsibly indulged in my assignments, social among people, respectful with everyone I interact , bold in discussions, thoughtful and sensitive while writing, open to learn through my own and people’s experiences, neutral judge, good analyst at complexities, and quite particular about perfection in whatever I do.


I am a big critic of weak ideas, weak thoughts and imperfect work; I cannot resist giving my own viewpoint if any such thing comes in front of me. I get upset by disrespectful behaviors. I am a strict boss who seek perfection in subordinates, I expect people to get indulged in their assignments like me. I cannot stand lies or cheaters and react strongly when a liar or cheater is exposed.

Welcome again!

So, this is what I am. And now, I again want to give you a warm welcome on my blog where you will not only find my mere thoughts; but also of those who really possess intellect and thoughtfulness. You like it or not; please don’t forget to share your valuable comments. I am sure that through your valuable thoughts I will be able to make this blog even more distinct


Nawaid M. Sabri


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